2004 Scheduled Events

May 24 - Victoria Day - Redesignating the May 24 Holiday and Citizenship Oath Recantation

Toronto and area members and supporters are invited to a two hour event to launch the campaign for redesignating the May 24 holiday as Citizenship Day in recognition of Canada's 1947 Citizenship Act and celebrate the privileges and rights of being a citizen. 

To demonstrate his personal disapproval of one flaw of the current Oath of Citizenship, CCR member Ashok Charles will be recanting the portion of the Oath of Citizenship that he took when he became a Canadian citizen in 1977 in which he swore allegiance to "Queen Elizabeth II and her heirs and successors". To acknowledge his allegiance to Canada, he will then reaffirm his commitment to the remainder of the oath that requires him to fulfil his duties as a Canadian citizen.

Also in attendance will be political science author Randall White, Marc Bastarache of Monarchy-Free Canada, former Toronto city councillor Tony O'Donohue and CCR National Director Tom Freda.

The time is 11am, Monday, May 24 and the location is the front lawn of Queen's Park. Free parking for the holiday only is available at the front and rear of the legislature building.

May 20 press release

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