2005 Scheduled Events

December 10 - (UN Human Rights Day) - Press conference and launch party for CCR executive member Charles Roach's class action, contesting the constitutionality of the Canadian Citizenship Act's oath of allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II and her heirs and successors. The location is the Metro Hall Rotunda, 55 John St., Toronto.

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September 27 - (Goveror General Swearing-in) - The Ottawa chapter of CCR will be staging a demonstration outside the gates of Parliament Hill during the investiture ceremonies to protest the absence of democracy in the selection process of Canada's defacto head of state. This event has been approved by the City of Ottawa.

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June 27 - (Canada Day Week) - Ottawa chapter official launch - CCR's growing membership in the National Capital Region has resulted in the upgrading of the Ottawa chapter to full status. The event is being marked with an inaugural meeting at the D'Arcy McGee pub on 44 Sparks Street.

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May 21 - (Victoria Day Weekend) - Second Annual Citizenship Oath Recantation - Toronto, ON - Join CCR member Ashok Charles, a Canadian citizen since 1977, who'll be leading a ceremony on the front lawn of Toronto's Queen's Park Provincial Legislature, where he and others will recant the portion of the Oath of Citizenship that declared their allegiance to "Queen Elizabeth II and her heirs and successors". To acknowledge allegiance only to Canada, they'll then reaffirm their commitment to the remainder of the oath requiring fulfillment of their duties as a Canadian citizen. 

The time is 11am, Saturday, May 21 and the location is the front lawn of Queen's Park. Parking is available at the front and rear of the legislature building, side streets and municiple parking lots.

A DJ will be in attendance playing music and refreshments will be available.

May 13, 2005 Press Release

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April 1 - Monthly CCR meeting to be filmed for CTV National News and NewsNet - CTV will be covering the monthly meeting of the Toronto chapter of CCR as part of the reporting of Canadians' views on the eve of the Prince Charles/Camilla wedding. Broadcast date is April 7th.

Directions for this occasion only are:

The Rose and Crown Pub, 2335 Yonge Street, one and a half blocks north of Eglinton. The time is 6pm - running until around 8 or 9. A place will be reserved at the back of the pub for CCR members.



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