2006 Scheduled Events

May 22 - (Victoria Day Weekend) - Third Annual Citizenship Oath Recantation - Toronto, ON - Join the Toronto chapter of CCR in a march through Toronto's core to protest the monarchy and the mandatory oath of allegiance to the Queen for new citizens.

CCR Toronto chapter president Ashok Charles will be leading others in a ceremony during the march, recanting the portion of the Oath of Citizenship that declared their allegiance to "Queen Elizabeth II and her heirs and successors". To acknowledge allegiance only to Canada, they'll then reaffirm their commitment to the remainder of the oath requiring fulfillment of their duties as a Canadian citizen.

Participants are asked to gather on the Ontario Legislature front lawn at 11:30 AM. The march and ceremony will last about one hour, ending at the same location. Flags or signs and placards with your own personal statements fitting the occasion are welcome but subject to approval by the parade marshalls. Signs will also be provided.

Parking is available on side streets and municiple parking lots. This event is approved and supervised by the Toronto Police.

Light refreshments will be available. In the event of rain, bring an umbrella!

Click here for a map.

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