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September 24, 2005 
Demonstrate for a democratically selected
 Canadian head of state
Tuesday, September 27

Dear CCR supporter, 

As many of you have seen in newspaper and TV coverage this weekend, Citizens for a Canadian Republic is planning a small demonstration at Parliament Hill to protest the undemocratic selection process of the Governor General. The objective is also to promote the speeding up of the position’s evolution from vice regal to that of official head of state – such as the republics of India and Ireland have done. 

There’s more to the story!  

If this saga was as simple as that, we’d all be very happy! However, shortly after receiving a permit to stage a demonstration in front of the Parliament buildings, CCR actually called off its plans due to the strong possibility that the Canadian Media Guild (which represents the locked out CBC employees) would also be demonstrating on the same spot and thus command a much more noticeable presence. Also, both the PM and Madame Jean expressed publicly that they would not cross the CBC picket lines. Consequently, CCR felt that asking volunteers to risk showing up to a cancelled or postponed event was not in anyone’s best interest. 

There’s even more … 

Early last week, Canadian Press was notified of CCR’s tentative plans to protest. However, confirmation of the event staging was to be made in a press release on Friday. Unfortunately, the story broke without the updated information that the event was cancelled. 

CCR needs you! 

So now we have a demonstration – and only two days to muster our dedicated Ottawa members to show up!  That’s where you come in. Not only is this an excellent way of helping out CCR by showing that we really do have republicans in Ottawa but it’s also your chance to help make history and contribute to the rapidly growing interest in Canadianizing the head of state. CCR is enjoying enormous success in getting this issue into the media and the effort can only be maintained with your participation and support. 

So come on out on Tuesday for a couple of hours. Hold a sign or just make new friends.

See you there! 

Place: Parliament Hill. North side of the sidewalk on Wellington Street, between Elgin and O’Conner Streets. 

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 

Time: 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon 

Contact: Cosmin Smeu, Ottawa Chapter Head of Citizens for a Canadian Republic

Phone: (613)859-7071


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