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Canadian republican movement
welcomes Queen and Prince Phillip
Royal visits prompt increases in media and public interest in Canadianizing the head of state

Toronto, May 16, 2005 - On the eve of the 2005 Royal Visit to Saskatchewan and Alberta, Citizens for a Canadian Republic, the national organization promoting the patriation of the office of Canadian Head of State, today extended a hearty 'Welcome to Canada' to the Queen and Prince Phillip.

"We truly do welcome Royal visits for one very good reason", says CCR's co-founder and National Director, Tom Freda, "it reminds Canadians of just how ridiculous it is for a country of Canada's status, in the 21st century no less, to share its head of state with its former colonizer and 14 other former colonies". 

"Membership in our organization surges, as do discussions in the media of the monarchy's relevance in Canada", he points out. "Without a doubt, if members of the British Royal Family stayed at home, our job would be a lot harder".

The group, which now has active chapters across Canada, experienced a doubling of membership inquiries since Prince Harry's Nazi salute and recent disfavour over the prospect of a Prince Charles and Camilla becoming King and Queen of Canada.

"Many people are also beginning to wonder if it isn't time we had a resident head of state, one who'll spend a bit more than 200 or so days in this country in 53 years", Freda suggests. "Recent polls showing a majority of Canadians in favour of an end to the monarchy in Canada are proof of the rapidly changing attitudes on this subject and its elevation out of the previously famous realm of apathy".

In keeping with its policy of targeting the institution of the monarchy as it's entrenched in the Constitution rather than the personalities in the Royal Family, CCR will not be conducting demonstrations or protests during the visit.

"It's we Canadians who made the monarchy a part of our Constitution, not the Queen," Freda explains. "Only we can remove it. For that reason, it's the Canadians who stand in the way of reforming our system to better reflect the times who we direct our attentions, not the Queen."

Despite the policy, CCR will proceed with it's regularly scheduled annual Victoria Day weekend protest of the Citizenship Act Oath of Allegiance at Ontario's Provincial Legislature on Saturday, May 21. Details are available at the end of this press release.

Citizens for a Canadian Republic is a registered non-partisan, not-for-profit organization advocating the Canadianization of the head of state since 2002. More information is available at CCR’s website. 
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Second Annual Citizenship Oath Recantation - Toronto, ON May 21, 2005 - Join CCR member Ashok Charles, a Canadian citizen since 1977, who'll be leading a ceremony on the front lawn of Toronto's Queen's Park Provincial Legislature, where he and others will recant the portion of the Oath of Citizenship that declared allegiance to "Queen Elizabeth II and her heirs and successors". To acknowledge allegiance only to Canada, they'll then reaffirm their commitment to the remainder of the oath requiring fulfillment of their duties as a Canadian citizen. Music plus free refreshments. More information.

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