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Australia to re-open debate on republic


Canadian republicans expect a new referendum will help polls here


Toronto, July 26, 2007 - Citizens for a Canadian Republic (CCR) has joined Republic, their counterpart in Britain, in welcoming Australian opposition leader Kevin Rudd's announcement that if elected later this year as prime minister, he would hold a new referendum on replacing the monarchy with an Australian head of state. Mr. Rudd's Australian Labor Party has consistently lead in public opinion since 2006 and is currently ahead 7 percentage points over incumbent Prime Minister John Howard and his governing coalition.

Australian republicans narrowly lost a referendum on the question in 1999 and, until now, a second one with a more popularly acceptable formula had only garnered speculation.

In Canada, where support for ending the monarchy is at roughly 50 percent, the news is uplifting for a republican movement anxious to see the debate heat up.

"Republicanism throughout the Commonwealth received an incredible boost during the 1999 initiative in Australia," said Tom Freda, CCR's national director. "Renewed interest there will surely increase both awareness of the issue and knowledge of the options here in Canada."

CCR is a member of 'Common Cause', an alliance of republican movements in Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand.

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