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Republicans hope G-G's office

continues to evolve under Jean

Toronto, September 26, 2005 –  Canada’s republican movement, the non-partisan Citizens for a Canadian Republic, bids an official "farewell" to Her Excellency, Adrianne Clarkson - arguably, Canada's most "presidential" governor general to date - and an optimistic welcome to her successor, Madame Michaëlle Jean.

"Madame Clarkson took the position to new heights" says CCR's National Director, Tom Freda. "For a change, we actually had someone who acted like a real head of state, making the governor general more visible and effective, within Canada and abroad. Unfortunately, decades of having colonial-style vice-regals have rendered Canadians largely unfamiliar with this interpretation, with the furor over the increased costs as proof."

To avoid the controversy and confusion over what's expected of a governor general, CCR has called for parliament to codify its role and responsibilities, which, along with democratizing the selection process, do not require constitutional amendment to reform. If implemented, these changes will also make the later transition from constitutional monarchy to parliamentary republic much easier by readying the G-G's office for assuming the official status of head of state when a referendum ends the monarchy.

"Another move during Clarkson's term that had republicans optimistic was the change in the requirement for issuing Letters of Credence and Recall", added Freda. "Replacing all references to Queen Elizabeth II with that of the governor general, to 'reflect Canada's status as a fully independent nation', was a pleasant surprise and a credit to the Prime Minister. More reforms like this under our new governor general would be welcome."

To mark the occasion and to underscore the need for increased democracy in the selection of Canada's governors general, CCR's Ottawa chapter will be conducting a modest demonstration in front of Parliament Hill on Tuesday, during the investiture ceremony.



Citizens for a Canadian Republic is a registered non-partisan, not-for-profit organization advocating the Canadianization of the head of state. It sees reforming the Governor General’s office as a transitional stage, eventually leading to a position rendered completely independent of the British monarchy. Similar to the goals of the republican movements of Australia and New Zealand, this transition would make Canada a parliamentary republic, such as Ireland or fellow Commonwealth member, India.

More information is available at CCR’s website.

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