Toronto, ON - Apr. 10, 2002 - Citizens for a Canadian Republic
is pleased to announce its formation as a national non-profit corporation under guidelines established by Industry Canada's Corporations Directorate. The organization is the official voice of the movement for a Canadian republic and is being launched in this, the year of Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee, in an effort to provide balance in the debate over whether or not Canada should remain a constitutional monarchy.

For over 30 years this debate has been dominated by one side, the Monarchist League of Canada, a group established to strengthen Canada's ties to the monarchy. Supporters of the concept of a Canadian head of state are now prepared to even the playing field with an organization of their own, Citizens for a Canadian Republic.

Tom Freda, a founding executive member of CCR and a long time editor of his own website, the popular Monarchy-Free Canada, explained that the time is right for a republic. According to Freda, "at the moment, polls show nearly half of Canadians in favour of replacing the monarchy with our own head of state and more than half wanting historic Canadians rather than the Queen on our currency. As Australia and New Zealand have done, organizing a Canadian movement to reflect this trend and to raise awareness of the clear advantages of becoming a republic seemed to be long overdue."

"Over the years, Canada has led the way among Britain’s former colonies in promoting its independence. We were the first to gain dominion status, gain legislative independence, adopt our own distinct flag and institute our own republican-style charter of rights. We’re already a republic in all but name so why not put it on paper and declare what we consider obvious, that we’re a confident, culturally vibrant, independent nation that no longer requires that last thread of colonialism?," argued Freda who has recently appeared as a spokesperson for the republican movement on CBC-TV, CTV and CITY-TV.

Pierre Vincent, also a co-founder of the organization, echoed these views. "We finally have a national group willing to tackle the very important issue of making Canada a true nation. One day a Canadian will be chosen by other Canadians to become our head of state. That's now inevitable."

Vincent, a federal civil servant, recently saved his job and made headlines by winning a two year battle to refuse the Oath of Allegiance to the Queen.

In keeping with its goal of promoting discussion of matters related to Canadianizing our head of state, Citizens for a Canadian Republic will be hosting a public forum at the University of Toronto on the evening of May 23 - just after the Victoria Day holiday. The time and exact location will be announced in late April. Reservations for the media and public may be made by by phone fax or e-mail.



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