Media Releases 2020 - 2021


July 13, 2021 - An Indigenous governor general is only a first step toward decolonization - In welcoming Mary Simon as the first Indigenous person to be selected as Canada's governor general, CCR believes that if Canada is to seriously address decolonization, we have to stop acting like a colony and deal with why Canada, in the Twenty-First Century, still has a British monarch as our head of state.

January 22, 2021 - The governor general: It's time for reform - CCR calls for the government to follow the recommendations of  its own 2004 committee report and reform the Office of the Governor General.


January 10, 2020 - Prince Harry and Meghan in Canada - On the possible residency in Canada of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, CCR issues a statement on the obligations of the Canadian taxpayer for security and other expenses if here on an unofficial capacity.


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