Write to your Member of Parliament

Whether you voted for them or not, your Member of Parliament's job is to listen to you: their constituent. So if you're a strong advocate of ending the monarchy in Canada, call or write to them at their local constituency office, in Ottawa or e-mail them by using this guide.

Remember, unless you speak up, they probably never will either.

To find your constituency and MP, visit Parliament's Find your MP by postal code

Sending postal mail to your Member of Parliament

You don't need a stamp to send mail to your Member of Parliament. Postcards and letters can all be sent to them free of charge.

Address your letter:

Name of your MP
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

Whether email or snail mail, follow these tips:

- Keep your message brief and to the point
- If you're a constituent, make sure you mention that in the first paragraph.
- Be polite and respectful
- Spell-check before you send
- Sign your letter, including your city, town, province and postal code.
- Make sure you mention that you're a supporter of Citizens for a Canadian Republic. That way, they can go to our website and see that we're all rational and sensible citizens who just want Canada to be all it can be!

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