Profile - The podcast about what's happening on the front lines and behind the scenes of the republic debate in Canada and throughout the Commonwealth.

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  May 21, 2010 - Episode 2, Part 1 - Lewis Holden -  Telephone interview. This episode of Profile features Lewis Holden, Chair of the Republican Movement of Aotearoa New Zealand - The topics include: differences and similarities between New Zealand's and Canada's republican movements, the recent Head of State Bill in the NZ parliament and more. RMANZ website Duration: 31:30


  November 10, 2009 - Episode 1 - After Elizabeth II -  Telephone interview. This episode of Profile features Gemini Award-winning Montreal filmmaker John Curtin, who wrote, directed and produced the documentary: AFTER ELIZABETH II: Monarchy in Peril. The film airs on CBC's Doc Zone Thursday November 12 at 8 pm and on CBC News Network, Friday November 13 at 10 pm. John Curtin bio. Duration: 27:25



About the host: Profile is hosted by Tom Freda, co-founder and national-director of Citizens for a Canadian Republic.



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