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   Books on Republicanism

The following are printed English language books that are recommended reading for anyone seeking to increase their knowledge of republicanism in Canada and around the Commonwealth. Sorted by country of origin or relevance, each are linked to reviews or book vendors if you wish to purchase or learn more about them on-line.


The Republican Option in Canada - Past and Present by David E. Smith. Also, publisher's detail and Globe & Mail review 7/8/99

Is Canada Trapped in a Time Warp?: Political Symbols in the Age of the Internet by Randall White.  Also, publisher's detail

Canada's Origins: Liberal, Tory, or Republican? by Janet Ajzenstat and Peter J. Smith

Misconceiving Canada: The Struggle for National Unity by Kenneth McRoberts

The Canadian Identity by William L. Morton

The Crown and Constitutional Law in Canada by Peter W. Noonan

Shaping a Nation : A Short History of Canada's Constitution by Desmond Morton

Constitutional Odyssey: Can Canadians Be a Sovereign People? By Peter H. Russell

Amending Canada's Constitution : History, Processes, Problems and Prospects by James Ross Hurley

To Match a Dream: A Practical Guide to Canada's Constitution by Deborah Coyne, Michael Valpy

The Invisible Crown: The First Principle of Canadian Government by David E. Smith 


The Captive Republic : A History of Republicanism in Australia 1788-1996 by Mark McKenna

The Reluctant Republic by Malcolm Turnbull

Monarchy to Republic : Australian Republican Government by George Winterton

We, The People: Australian Republican Government by George Winterton

A Republic of Australia : What Would It Mean? by Malcolm Booker

New Zealand

Republicanism in New Zealand by Luke Trainor

Britain & Northern Ireland

Bring Home the Revolution: The Case for a British Republic by Jonathan Freedland

The Enchanted Glass: Britain and Its Monarchy by Tom Nairn

Down With the Crown: British Anti-Monarchism and Debates About Royalty Since 1790 by Antony Taylor


India's Constitution in the Making by Benegal Narsinga Rau 1887-1953.

The Republic of India: The Development of It's Laws and Constitution by Alan Gledhill


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   General Monarchy Related Books

Royal Babylon : The Alarming History of European Royalty by Karl Shaw

Royal Throne: The Future of the Monarchy by Elizabeth Harman Pakenham Longford

The Royals by Kitty Kelley (Note: This book is banned in Britain!)


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