CCR is a 100 percent volunteer-staffed organization. No one here gets paid. We do it because we believe in what we do. We also fully understand that all of us have our families and jobs, and that that's we're our priorities should lie. Therefore, we place absolutely no pressure on volunteers to do any more than they feel they're able to comfortably provide. 

So check out the list below. Whatever you can do to help, it's always appreciated!

To volunteer, please contact us at info@canadian-republic.ca

The following is an alphabetical list of some of the areas where CCR presently needs volunteers. If you have experience or skills in any of these fields, then you can help our cause by volunteering.

For instance; if you happen to be involved in your local federal riding association or party organizational structure, maybe you'd like to help with 'Political party lobbying' or even be part of our Strategic Planning Committee.

If you're heavily into Facebook and Twitter, you could help us manage our social media.

Or, if you work in Customer Relations, then you could help us with membership support.

Please keep in mind that some items listed here cover a fairly broad range and thus may require a broader interpretation. For instance, if you have experience in Direct Marketing, you probably have a pretty good background in 'Permission or opt-in mass email distribution.'

Even if you don't see your area of expertise listed, contact us anyway, especially if you're bilingual. We're sure we can find a place for you.


Constitutional law
Contact management
Corporate governance
Graphic design
Event coordinating
Fund raising
Media relations
Membership support
Mobile software development
Offset printing
Permission or opt-in mass email distribution
Political party lobbying
Political party campaigning
Promotional products
Public relations
Public speaking
Public opinion and market research
Screen printing
Social media
Video production
Web conferencing
Website hosting
Website management
Wikipedia editors

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