Paul Heinbecker, former Canadian Ambassador to the UN
"The monarchy hurts Canada’s standing in the world. It’s time to let go."
Rick Mercer, TV personality, author, comedian
"We still pledge allegiance to a family that lives in a castle in England? No hard feelings, nothing personal. It's time we grew up."
Mitchell Sharp, former MP, cabinet minister, Order of Canada
"Canada should have its own head of state who is not shared by others."
Michael Bliss, Professor of History, Order of Canada
"It’s an absurdity that in 21st century Canada, no Canadian can aspire to be head of state of Canada."
Bob Hepburn, politics columnist, award-winning journalist
"The British monarchy has become completely irrelevant and no longer has a place in 21st century Canada."
Allan Fotheringham, Author, journalist
"She is a fine, fine woman, doing a magnificent job of being queen, but she is not mine. She belongs to Britain."
John Manley, Former Deputy Prime Minister
"I think that Canada is mature enough as a country to have a truly Canadian head of state."
Laurier LaPierre, Former Senator, Order of Canada
"The sooner we put an end to this monarchist system, the sooner we will accept the Governor General as the real head of state."
Charles Pascal, Professor of Psychology, Order of Canada
"It’s time to cut the cord [to the monarchy], it’s time we developed a made-in-Canada approach that is transparent and truly democratic."
Jagmeet Singh, MP, Party Leader
"I'm a republican. I don't see the relevance of [the monarchy], and I don't think that most Canadians do."

The final step to Canadian independence

Democratically selecting our own resident head of state!

"What is a republic and what does it mean for Canada? This page has everything you always wanted to know about a Canadian republic, but were afraid to ask.

If you believe the monarchy is out of step with 21st century Canada, you'll be happy to know you're in the majority.  Check here for our section on recent opinion polls to see how support for a republic is higher than ever in Canadian history.

Perhaps the most common fallacy about the monarchy is that when we do end our constitutional relationship with it, indigenous treaties will have to be renegotiated. This section has all the details to settle that issue once and for all.

A favourite argument of those who wish to discourage talk of a republic is to claim our constitution in regards to the monarchy has essentially been locked up and the key thrown away. We have the facts that say that's not true. Not only is it possible to become a republic, it could be easy. 

The belief that Canada should shed the monarchy and become a republic is not a recent concept.  While lots of contemporary, well-known Canadians have expressed their support, many have come before us, and more than a few at a time when they were ostracized for their views.

Check out our page Quotations from notable Canadians supporting a republic. You may be surprised at the names.

(Photo: The late Alan Fotheringham, Journalist and author, )

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